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14 New Shopify Apps
Since December 19th
Featured app
Tracktor by ShopPad
$Tracktor by ShopPad
Add professional order tracking in your store and dramatically reduce customer service time spent answering, "Where's my package?"
WooHoo - Super Fun Way To Collect Emails
$ WooHoo - Super Fun Way To Collect Emails
Woohoo is a list building tool which increases conversions by turning newsletter signups into a game
Order Custom Tracker
$ Order Custom Tracker
Create different unlimited custom statuses for each order and an order status lookup page to check order status using order number.
Easy Social Icons
$ Easy Social Icons
Social Icons app helps you to add quickly icons with links to your profiles from different social networks.
Turbo Retargeting (Advanced Facebook Ads for E-commerce)
$ Turbo Retargeting (Advanced Facebook Ads for E-commerce)
Create insanely profitable Facebook ads in just a few clicks! Copy & paste our proven campaign templates and never waste a dime on ads again
Mailjoy Postcard Marketing
$ Mailjoy Postcard Marketing
Design, mail, and track personalized postcard campaigns to your customers. Unlock the marketing channel that all major e-commerce brands use
Free Email Popups & Exit Intent by Poptin
$ Free Email Popups & Exit Intent by Poptin
Capture more emails and increase sales using FREE popups, exit intent offers, bars and widgets. Integrate with your email platform or CRM
Product Bundler by Enoble Labs
$ Product Bundler by Enoble Labs
Increase sales by allowing your customers to build their own gift baskets, bundles, boxes or anything you can dream up!
Redirector By WebApss
$ Redirector By WebApss
Redirect Any URL to another URL in your store and your store to another site.
 Never lose any customer because of new or Error URL.
Recently Viewed Products By ZA
$ Recently Viewed Products By ZA
Display recent products in your product, collection, and homepage to customers. This will increase the conversation
Pricing Table App by Elfsight
$ Pricing Table App by Elfsight
Create and publish totally customizable pricing tables on your Shopify website in a matter of minutes – display your prices in a graphic way
Recurring Membership - By AAAwebstore
$ Recurring Membership - By AAAwebstore
Set up unlimited membership levels and provide restricted access to members-only content (including Collections, Products, Pages, etc.)
Easy Announce Bar
Easy Announce Bar
Grow your business by adding easy announce bar. Boost your sales to add special offers, discount code, events, messages in announce bar.
Pixelnx Promotion Popup
Pixelnx Promotion Popup
Pixelnx promotion popup gives the power to capture visitors emails on your Shopify e-commerce with diverse and eye-catching popups.
Ultimate Lightbox
Ultimate Lightbox
Add lightbox functionality quickly to any image on your site!
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Wholesale Pricing Now
Wholesale Pricing Now
The first, completely FREE wholesale, VIP and customer-specific pricing app on the Shopify App Store!
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