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The newest Shopify apps packaged up into a neat little email that is sent every Tuesday.
9 New Shopify Apps
Since February 13th - Analytics for Segment
$ - Analytics for Segment
Easily integrate your store with analytics. Track every step of the purchase process for an instant conversion funnel.
Social Tools - Social Media Targeting & Promotions
$ Social Tools - Social Media Targeting & Promotions
Social Media
Find out what social media your visitors are using as they explore the store, target certain media groups and grow your community faster.
Wechat Social Login
$ Wechat Social Login
Social Media
This Chinese social login plugin provides the best way to China market with a fast and reliable access to Wechat, QQ and Weibo.
Full Shelf
$ Full Shelf
Create purchase orders by selecting products or orders on Shopify. Generate a PDF to send to your suppliers and update inventory with ease.
Delivery Rates by Distance
$ Delivery Rates by Distance
Dynamically calculate your delivery charges by distance!
Wholesale - Wholesale Pricing
Wholesale - Wholesale Pricing
Offer wholesale pricing to wholesale customers for free! Wholesale pricing will help you increase sales! FoxDrive Wholesale FTW :)
Ardacart - Members Only Portal
Ardacart - Members Only Portal
A separate members-only shopping portal. Manage memberships and member discounts easily without affecting your regular storefront.
Store Locator by Metizsoft
$ Store Locator by Metizsoft
It is a powerful store locator app equipped with latest geolocation technology that allows customers finding you with the click of a button.
Loop Returns
$ Loop Returns
Smooth for your customers, fully automated for your team. Convert refunds to exchanges with the top returns technology on the market.
Last Week: 12.22% clicked on this app:
GIF Maker
$ GIF Maker
Have you ever wondered how static photos in your store are not showing enough the features of the products? Choose us to make you Magic.
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